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At Weiss Accountancy Corporation, It’s More Than Just Numbers


After more than six decades in the accountancy business, we’ve seen everything. We’ve witnessed emerging business technologies and transitioned many into our business, which has helped us stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. For example, we’ve recently become certified in Xero, an online accounting software that offers a multitude of benefits for small business. We’ve dealt with clients’ crises, helped them start, build, and sell their companies, and create financial plans for the future.


We have successfully met their needs year after year by providing personalized attention to our clients’ and their businesses. This affords us the opportunity to be both a consultant and advisor for their business needs outside of traditional accounting and tax services such as software solutions, recruiting and financing facility structures. The Weiss AC team also supports clients in growing their businesses by making certain they are up-to-date on the newest tax laws and compliance issues.


At Weiss Accountancy Corporation, our number one goal is developing long-standing business relationships with clients. We take a comprehensive approach to their business needs, offering tax advice and preparation as well as advising them on business profitability, tax requirements and  cash flow changes within the business. This is all done to provide an exemplary customer experience.


We hold our team members to the highest ethical and business practices, emphasizing integrity, honesty and commitment. While we offer the many services of a traditional CPA firm, we are in the relationship business. By focusing on our clients, and not our own growth, expansion, or new lines of business, we are able to provide exceptional service. Our clients enjoy the distinction of having the same team assist them year after year, achieving a level of productivity and efficiency rarely found in public accounting today. We believe we have more than earned the title of Most Trusted Advisor. Our CPA firm has helped our clients, their families and their businesses achieve financial security throughout their relationship with us.


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